Taking the mystery

out of red lights

“How much time do I have?”

“How long is this going to take?”

Stopped at a red light, you may be hoping you have time for that desperately-needed sip of coffee, or you may be fretting about how long you're going to be sitting there. Not knowing can be one of those tiny stresses that make up your day.

EnLighten helps take that stress out of driving. When you stop at a red light, it predicts when the light will turn green. Then, a few seconds before the light changes, EnLighten chimes to tell you the light‘s about to change.


EnLighten 4.0 for iOS and Android has been released with many new features!

EnLighten 4 brings many enhancements “under the hood” as well as several user-experience improvements, including better in-coverage detection, and indications of no connection and off-system lights. Better in-coverage detection lets EnLighten react more quickly when entering a covered area, and reduces both communication and GPS use. The no-connection indication lets you know when EnLighten cannot connect to the server for prediction and signal-status information. The off-system light indicator tells you when EnLighten cannot provide information at the current light because that light is not connected to the city's data feed. In addition EnLighten now understands more complex intersections (e.g. “T”s) and countries where people drive on the left.

EnLighten is currently available in a small but growing number of cities. We are steadily adding cities, which will automatically become available in the EnLighten app.

Support for EnLighten 3 was discontinued on October 1, 2014.