EnLighten® for BMW Apps

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EnLighten enabled for BMW Apps is now available in the Apple App Store.

EnLighten for iPhone now interfaces with BMW Apps to provide enhanced functionality in the car's center console. This new functionality, currently available in Portland and Eugene, Oregon, with more cities to come, is described below. To see a description of the basic EnLighten functionality and configuration options, please see the EnLighten for iPhone User's Guide.

If you see EnLighten behaving in a way that seems wrong to you, or if you have suggestions, please use our comment form.

When you use EnLighten in conjunction with BMW Apps in an appropriately equipped BMW, slightly different functionality becomes available. In particular, much of the app's user interface switches to the car's display screen, and you interact with it through the BMW Apps system.

The various in-car screens are described below.

Connecting the iPhone to BMW Apps

You must launch EnLighten on your phone and connect it to your BMW. Once you enable EnLighten in BMW Apps, the iPhone screen will show that it has successfully connected with BMW Apps by displaying the image at the left.

While this screen is present, you can no longer interact with EnLighten through the iPhone, for example to adjust EnLighten's preferences, until you disconnect it from your car.



When EnLighten is able to predict the behavior of the light in front of the car, it can tell the driver using a variety of different countdowns, depending on the current situation. These include an exact countdown, as shown to the right and left, which indicates precisely when the light will change.


 Minimum Time Coundowns

If EnLighten can predict a minimum time till the change, a number with a plus sign, or “Countdown+” will appear, as seen to the left and right, indicating that the light will remain green or red, respectively, for at least that many seconds.


 Signal Changes

When stopped at a red light, the signal display will change to white, as seen on the left, when the countdown (or countdown+) drops below 5 seconds. This warns you to get ready to drive.

When EnLighten knows that the light will definitely turn green within 5 seconds, it sounds an audible chime to alert you.


 Split Countdowns

At an intersection with a separate left-turn signal, EnLighten may show a separate countdown (or countdown+) for through and turning traffic, as shown here.

If the car's turn signal is on, the indication for the straight-through signal may be dimmed, as on the left.


 Green Light Assist

When connected to the BMW's display, EnLighten provides more information about the state of upcoming lights. In particular, the Green Light Assist feature illuminates the arrow(s) below the traffic signal indicator(s) if continuing at the current speed will allow you to arrive at the light when it is green, regardless of its current state (which is shown by the traffic signal indicator).

For example, in the image to the right, the signal is red and will remain so for the next seven seconds, but will be green before the car arrives if the current speed is maintained. In the lefthand image, the light will remain green for at least 16 seconds, but will be red on arrival.

As always, drivers must determine the actual state of the traffic signal before entering an intersection.


 Out of Coverage

When you are out of EnLighten for BMW Apps' coverage area, the home screen will be replaced with the "Out of Coverage Area" screen.

Because BMW and Connected Signals are still conducting evaluations, not all cities accessible from the EnLighten app are currently accessible when connected to BMW Apps.

If you are in an area not yet served by the BMW Apps version, please use EnLighten directly on your phone.


 Off-System-Light and Not-at-a-Light Indicators

Some traffic lights are not connected to the municipal traffic network for one reason or another (this may be a temporary or permanent situation). When you stop at such a light, EnLighten displays the Off-System Light screen at the left, showing a blue signal, to indicate that no countdowns or chimes will occur at that light.

Similarly, when you are more than about 300 yards from a signal, the Not at a Light display at the right is shown.