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EnLighten 4.0 is now available in the Apple App Store.

EnLighten is designed to be simple and non-distracting. The options are mostly self-explanatory and you will likely use them rarely after you initially set up the App. However, because EnLighten is designed to put the minimum load possible on your phone's battery, you may sometimes see behaviors that you don't understand. Please read "About Power Savings" below for some clarifications.

If you see EnLighten behaving in a way that seems wrong to you, or if you have suggestions, please use our comment form.

EnLighten's various screens and options are described below.

Launch and About Screens

  • Main

    Basic Main Screen

  • Main with city seal

    Main Screen
    With City Seal

  • Main not connected

    No Connection
    Main Screen

When you launch EnLighten, one of the main screens at the left appears with About EnLighten and Settings buttons.

If you are in a connected municipality, the appropriate city seal may be shown.

If a crossed-out satellite dish appears, it indicates that EnLighten cannot get the server access it needs to function.

The About EnLighten button produces the screen at the right, with the option to read the End User License Agreement.

The Settings button on the home screen takes you to the Settings screen, below.


Settings Screens

The home screen's Settings button takes you to the Settings screen on the left. Press Back to return to the home screen.

If Announce is on, EnLighten announces how many seconds remain until a light turns green.

The Chime Sound selector controls which sound (including "None") is played shortly before the light changes. Press Done to return to the Settings screen.

If Green Light Assist is on, EnLighten will sound distinctive tones when it knows you will make or miss the next light. (An announcement follows each tone the first 10 times they play.)

Smart auto-lock keeps the screen on independent of the phone's auto-lock settings as long as you are driving, are in coverage, and have enough power.

Pressing Restore Defaults resets EnLighten to its original settings.


 Pausing and Resuming EnLighten

If you press the Pause EnLighten button on the settings screen (above left), EnLighten will suspend and remain suspended (even if you restart the App) until you press the Resume EnLighten button that takes the Pause button's place.

When EnLighten is paused, the home screen is replaced with the "Paused" screen.



When EnLighten is able to predict a light's behavior, it can tell the driver using a variety of different countdowns, depending on the current situation. These include an exact countdown, as shown to the left, which indicates precisely when the light will change. If it can predict a minimum time till the change, a number with a plus sign, or “Countdown+” will appear, as seen on the right, indicating that the light will remain red at least that many seconds.

About five seconds before the light changes, for an exact prediction, or when the light will change in 5 or more seconds, for countdown+, the display changes to a white circle around a white car or a red car, respectively, as seen below, to warn you to get ready to drive.


At an intersection with a separate left-turn signal, EnLighten may show a separate countdown (or countdown+) for through and turning traffic, as shown on the left and right.


 Out of Coverage

When you are out of EnLighten's coverage area, the home screen will be replaced with the "Out of Coverage Area" screen.

If you select the Out of Coverage Area Click for More Info button, an explanation will appear, along with a "Request overage" button that will automatically send an anonymous request to Connected Signals asking us to try to add coverage for your current location.


 Off-System Signals

Some traffic lights are not connected to the municipal traffic net for one reason or another (this may be a temporary or permanent situation). When you stop at such a light, EnLighten displays an "Off-System Light" screen to indicate that no countdowns or chimes will occur at that light.


 About Power Savings

EnLighten tries to achieve a balance between responsiveness and battery life. When you go out of the coverage areas, or stop driving for a few minutes, EnLighten enters a power saving mode where it uses low power, less accurate, positioning technology (e.g., cell-towers instead of GPS), and checks your location and speed much less often.

As a result, it may take extra time when you come back into a covered area, or when you start moving, for the app to notice and resume normal operation. If you need EnLighten to wake up more quickly, you can tap the out-of-coverage icon or go to the iOS Home Screen and tap the EnLighten icon, either of which will cause EnLighten to fully activate once more.

Finally, when operating on battery with a battery level below approximately 20%, EnLighten will temporarily suspend, and not provide countdowns and notifications, which should extend the remaining battery life. When the charge increases sufficiently, EnLighten will resume.