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We’ve always provided data that tells you what the lights are doing and what they’re going to do. Our new suite of products turns the tables.

Introducing Our Signal Priority System Product Suite

Our proprietary vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology is a cloud-based, centralized system that connects vehicles to traffic signals to provide prioritization of buses, pedestrians, EMS vehicles, and others.

This approach capitalizes on existing traffic management infrastructure and cellular data, rather than requiring dedicated roadside equipment. This makes deployment dramatically easier and more cost-efficient for cities, provides flexibility to the existing traffic network, and supports expansion to other future applications, such as HOV preference and autonomous vehicle programs. SPS also provides dramatic time savings for cities and can be deployed city-wide or fleet-wide in a matter of weeks, as opposed to potential years with traditional solutions.

Check out the Signal Priority System page to find out more about our new offerings.

OEM Implementation

Integrating Our Data Into Navigation Systems Makes Connected Cars Smarter

Connected Signals brings traffic light information into cars to enable drivers and automotive systems to know the real-time status of traffic lights and predict their changes, dramatically improving:

  • Driver safety and stress
  • Fuel efficiency and carbon emissions
  • Urban traffic flow
  • Time-to-destination estimates
  • Autonomous vehicle safety

Partnering closely with municipalities, we eliminate the complexities of securely gathering real-time signal data and making it readily available in a standard format. We combine this data with map, GPS, and speed limit information, and then apply proprietary analytics and algorithms to predict upcoming traffic light behavior. That information is then delivered to vehicles via cellular networks.

Unlike other connected-vehicle initiatives, our approach requires neither costly municipal infrastructure investments, nor the addition of dedicated hardware to every vehicle. Compare that to the US Department of Transportation’s Dedicated Short-Range Communications program. DSRC will require billions of dollars and years to implement. Even a small city of 200,000 could expect to pay four million dollars to add DSRC to its lights, in addition to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for ongoing maintenance costs.

We are delivering real benefits today!

EnLighten® — Real-time Signal Information On Your Smartphone

In cities choosing to provide their signal data streams to us, Connected Signals provides the EnLighten smartphone app for drivers whose car systems do not integrate our predictive data stream. EnLighten provides access to the traffic light status and predictions needed to drive safely and smartly around town at no cost to users. Available on both Android and iOS smartphones, EnLighten can be used in municipalities currently integrating their Traffic Management System data with Connected Signals.

EnLighten is engineered to be non-distracting. Visual information is only shown when you are stopped at a red light. EnLighten determines when that light is expected to change and, if it can predict the change, it tells you. Just before the light turns green, a chime warns you to prepare to drive. When you are driving, EnLighten sounds distinctive tones to tell you when it expects you will make or miss the next light. Indications are that this information reduces drivers’ natural tendency to speed up when they see a green light ahead, even when the tone indicates the light will be missed.

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