Leveraging the Cloud to Connect Traffic Signals and Vehicles

Real-Time Signal Status and Predictions

Snapshot of live signal prediction display in Portland, OR

The US Department of Transportation is planning to invest millions of dollars over decades to connect vehicles with traffic signals by installing Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC) hardware in vehicles and traffic infrastructure.

Connected Signals‘ exclusive real-time traffic signal monitoring and prediction offers the only technology that can connect vehicles and traffic signal infrastructure today. And it does it with short time horizons and negligible startup and infrastructure costs.

Connected Signals securely interfaces to each city's traffic management system to obtain available information on signal and sensor states. This information is combined with map and speed limit information. All this information is converted to a vendor-independent format, providing a unified view for all connected cities.

Once collected, we apply our proprietary technology to model light behavior and predict future behavior. These predictions, together with the unified signal state data can be used in applications to reduce driver distraction, improve driver behavior, help avoid accidents, lower fuel-consumption, and even reduce congestion. Green Driver and our partners are working to bring innovative new applications of signal data to cities across the country.

Constant Monitoring

Sample status monitoring

Connected Signals monitors the status of incoming signal information from each city, allowing us to tell when problems arise. Automatic load distribution and failover technology allow us to rectify problems as soon as they occur.

End-to-end monitoring against historical conditions
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