San José Connected Vehicle Pilot

Study has concluded.

San José Drivers Get Early Access to Traffic Light Assistance App

Four hundred San José drivers will get to experience new technology that can help them be safer, more fuel efficient, and less stressed, while spending less time at red lights, and experience it well before the rest of the city’s drivers. By participating in a city-sanctioned study, drivers will get early access to an iPhone app that shows what lights are doing and helps them safely get to more green lights, while at the same time help transportation planners better understand potential safety and environmental benefits.

The study is being led by Connected Signals, together with BMW North America, and Argonne National Laboratories, in cooperation with the City of San José. Automakers and the federal government believe that providing signal information can reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by at least 10 percent and provide significant safety benefits. We’re going to study how reliable, on-road data may affect people’s real-world driving habits, and measure its impact on road safety and fuel efficiency in San José.

Participating drivers must regularly drive in San Jose, have an iPhone 4 or later, and a vehicle manufactured in the last 15 years. Drivers who complete the study are eligible for a share in $4000 in prizes, including a $1000 cash prize.

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This study is supported, in part, by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Small Business Vouchers Pilot program

Participants Eligible for Cash Prizes

Drivers completing the study will be entered into a drawing for prizes including:

  • $1000 Grand Prize
  • Five complete car detail packages ($200 value)
  • Twenty $100 Amazon or Uber gift cards

The study will run for six months. Drivers will follow their normal driving routine, running a special version of Connected Signals’ free EnLighten iPhone App or of the BMW Apps integrated version of EnLighten. After a short startup period to observe drivers’ current patterns, the app will provide a variety of traffic light information, including recommended speeds to catch green lights.

Study results will help automakers, the City of San José, and other government agencies make decisions about future connected vehicle technologies.

Data Collection and Privacy

Each participant will be provided with a plug-in data collection device that will collect vehicle performance information during the study. Data will be maintained in strict confidentiality during the study, and all collected data will be anonymized at the end of the study.

BMW Next Signal Display

iPhone Countdown Display

Data Collection Device

Study Contributors and Support

This study is being conducted by Connected Signals and Argonne National Laboratory, with support from the US Department of Energy’s Small Business Vouchers Pilot program, BMW America, and the City of San José.