Auto Manufacturers

Bringing traffic signal data to vehicles makes cars smarter, safer and more environmentally friendly – while reducing fuel consumption to help meet CAFE standards

Challenges Facing the Field

Auto manufacturers are continually challenged to make their vehicles safer, cleaner, and more fuel efficient. For example, failure to meet US CAFE standards can cost manufacturers $55 per vehicle for each mile by which they miss CAFE targets. They also need new features to enrich their brand and distinguish themselves from other carmakers.

Impacts & Opportunities

By incorporating traffic light status and predictions into vehicles’ navigation systems and powertrains, significant benefits accrue to owners and OEMs alike:

  • Fuel savings of approximately $100 per driver per year
  • Improved safety and fewer accidents
  • Reduced CAFE penalties
  • Make autonomous vehicles safer and improve navigation
  • Improved information about light status, including obstructed lights
  • Predictive information can guide speed, routing, efficiency

Delivering Additional Value Across the Field


How safe are your

Autonomous Vehicles

Is your signal detection as good
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