Connected/Autonomous Vehicles and Traffic Lights Demo Announced

August 25, 2017 — With connected vehicles a reality and autonomous vehicles on the horizon, the need for vehicles to understand what traffic lights are doing is becoming ever more pressing.  There are two approaches that can be taken: a data-based approach, where the lights communicate directly with the vehicles, and a vision-based approach, where the vehicle uses one or more camera systems to determine what the lights are doing.

In October, Connected Signals will demonstrate both approaches at ITS World Congress 2017 in Montréal via a vehicle-interaction system powered by real-time traffic light data provided by the City of Montréal and an integrated system that combines these data-based capabilities with a camera-based system to provide a unified solution suitable for deployment in autonomous vehicles.

Demonstration Site: Local Streets
Demonstration Reservation: Booth 2028

If you’d like to set up a time to view the demo or schedule a meeting, please email us at

For more information or to register for attendance, visit

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