Connected Signals Co-Founder to Present Signal Priority System Technology at ITS America’s 2019 Annual Meeting

June 3, 2019 — Connected Signals, Inc., the world’s leading provider of real-time traffic signal information, is pleased to announce that its co-founder and president, David Etherington, has been selected to present a technical paper on June 6, 2018 at The Intelligent Transportation Society of America’s (ITS America) 28th Annual Meeting and Expo in Washington DC.

The paper, co-authored by Dr. Etherington, is titled “An Advanced Signal Priority System with No New Infrastructure Requirements.” It describes a signal priority system currently being deployed in a West Coast city. The system supports Transit Signal Priority, automatic pedestrian signaling, and a variety of other applications without requiring the acquisition and installation of additional capital infrastructure such as special-purpose optical or radio-frequency devices or DSRC installations. The system’s key innovations are its use of existing infrastructure (including the public cellular network and the City’s Traffic Management System) to securely provide these capabilities and to make them extensible through software updates. Possible extensions include emergency vehicle preemption and bicycle priority. The system also uses off-the-shelf mobile devices to request action from the signal network, including pedestrian walk signals.

ITS America brings together key stakeholders to create a better world transformed by transportation technology. Members include established and emerging private companies, public agencies and state DOT officials, and leaders in academic and research communities. The organization’s 2019 annual meeting will highlight safe seamless mobility around the movement of people, data, and freight.


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