June 16, 2016 — The 2016 annual Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITSA) convention in San Jose, CA marked an important milestone for Connected Signals with the official release of our V2If appliance. V2If is a small hardware device that allows the secure and easy distribution of real-time traffic signal data to selected third parties.

We developed this technology with the belief that V2If is a safe and cost-effective way for cities and other agencies to place themselves at the forefront of the smart city movement while retaining control of their data. The data allows cars and drivers to connect to the traffic light system, helping to reduce accidents and enhance mobility solutions such as autonomous driving, pedestrian aids for the visually impaired, and so on. Enhanced signal awareness can also help drivers reduce their carbon footprint and other emissions.

V2If was well received by an audience focused on the concepts of integrated mobility and redefined transportation. Attendees also saw other integral aspects of Connected Signals’ technology. BMW vehicles equipped with our fully integrated EnLighten application provided demonstrations showcasing our technology at work. Participants were able to ride through the streets of San Jose and witness traffic light predictions themselves.

CEO Matt Ginsberg also had the opportunity to provide his input on the connected world of the future in a panel discussion centered on the development of standards for V2V and V2I communications, autonomous cars, and smart infrastructure.

For more information on V2If please visit our Technology page. Information on EnLighten can be found on our Products page.

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