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Improving Smart Navigation

Challenges Facing the Field

Current Smart Navigation tools are great for finding the best route to a destination and monitoring your progress along the way. They show how well traffic is flowing, yet they fall short as you navigate urban streets and intersections. These apps and devices have no idea if traffic lights are red or green or changing. The result is that drivers are directed to routes that may have significant delays at lights and are frustrated by inaccurate ETAs that don’t factor in these signal delays.

Impacts & Opportunities

Connected Signals provides a critical missing piece for truly smart navigation: traffic light data and predictions. Integrating our predictive data with your products will enhance your Smart Navigation solution, letting you:

  • Improve user experience
  • Increase accuracy
  • Suggest better routes
  • Improve estimated-time-of-arrivals (ETA)
  • Reduce accidents and make urban driving safer

Working with Connected Signal provides you a single source for traffic light data across the country and, soon, around the world — eliminating the time and complexity of gathering data from the multitude of jurisdictions.

We do that for you. We have years of experience partnering with cities. And, with little to no infrastructure investment, we’re rapidly onboarding cities and securely interfacing Connected Signals with their Traffic Management Systems.

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