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Participation Instructions


Thank you for joining our connected car research program, and helping to measure how connecting cars with traffic lights affects fuel consumption and safety. We hope that you will enjoy the access to traffic signal information that the study will provide.

Quick Start (Jump to FAQs)

To participate in the study, you must:

  1. Install the Enlighten Study app from the iPhone App Store or Android Play Store on your phone
  2. Enter your Driver ID (Study Test ID on iOS) into the app on your phone
  3. Have EnLighten Study running in the foreground while you drive in covered areas

If at any time you experience difficulties with the app or have questions about your participation in the study, please contact from the email address you used to join the study or call 541.654.5829.

Installing EnLighten Study on your phone

You will receive an email from Connected Signals with links to the EnLighten Study app in the iPhone App Store or Android Play Store. Tap the appropriate store icon to install the application and follow instructions to install the app to your phone.

Enter your Driver ID into the app on your phone

When you first launch EnLighten Study you will be prompted for a Driver ID. Your Driver ID is the email address you used to enroll in the study.

iPhone: Enter Driver ID
iPhone: Enter Driver ID
Android: Enter Driver ID
Android: Enter Driver ID

Have EnLighten Study running in the foreground while you drive in covered areas

Whenever you are driving, make sure that the EnLighten Study app is running in the foreground on your phone. While useful sounds will still be provided when the application is in the background (Android only feature), there is much more information available, including how driving at various speeds will affect whether you reach red or green lights, that cannot be communicated with sounds alone.

EnLighten Study

In order to participate in the study, you must be running EnLighten Study (with a cellular data connection) while you are driving in the covered areas (The app doesn’t use much data).  The app’s features are explained in the sections below.

The app is designed to be as safe and non-distracting as possible. For example, countdowns telling you when a light will turn green stop approximately 5 seconds before the light changes, to ensure that you look at the light and the road (not the app) to decide when to start driving. Indications of whether you will make a light you are approaching (or speed recommendations) are constrained by the speed limit. Moreover, the app only tells you that you will miss a light if you will miss it even if you speed up. Since some intersections cannot be predicted, the lack of a speed recommendation doesn’t mean, “go fast.”  It means no reliable indication is available. To repeat: red means slow down, no indication means no information.  Just drive as you normally would.

Running EnLighten Study

Please be sure that your phone is in a hands-free mount so you can see it without obstructing your vision and so that you do not need to touch the phone while driving.

Note: We recommend you connect your phone to power using a USB cable so that EnLighten Study does not drain your battery.

The app will provide information about the state of upcoming lights while you are driving. This information will include countdowns when you are stopped at some red lights in the covered area, as well as indications to help you safely make green lights or prepare to stop if you will arrive at a red light. The various displays are illustrated below.

When stopped at a light for which predictive information is available, the app will show either a countdown (left) telling how long the light will be red, or a “countdown plus” (right). Approximately 5 seconds before the light changes, the countdown will disappear and a chime will sound, alerting you to focus on driving again.

Red light countdown
Red light countdown
Red light countdown plus
Red light countdown plus

While driving, the app may display a screen like that shown below. The red range indicates speeds that will cause you to arrive at the next signal while it is red; the green range give speeds that will make the light. It is possible that traffic may make it impossible to safely maintain the “green speed”, and drivers must remain attentive to traffic conditions. Your current speed is shown in the center of the dial (i.e., 20 mph for iPhone figure). It will turn red if your speed is above the speed limit.

iPhone: Signal approach speed indicator
iPhone: Signal approach speed indicator
Android: Signal approach speed indicator
Android: Signal approach speed indicator

When the app can determine the speed needed to make two consecutive signals it shows a display like that below. Speeds in the inner green range will make the next light; speeds in the outer green range should make both the next light and the one after that (and quite possibly a succession of following lights as well).

When no speed recommendation can be given, no colored arcs will be shown.

Multi signal approach speed
Multi signal approach speed


During the study, we will collect both contact information (such as your name, email, phone number) and data about driving behavior (such as routes, speed profiles, and traffic signal information). This is so that we can study how behavior changes over time even if you change phones or cars. Your personal data will not be released to third parties, nor used for any purposes other than conducting the study, unless such release is required by law.

All personal information collected during the study will be kept strictly confidential. Once data arrives at our servers, it will be associated with unique driver codes that are not directly traceable back to participants. Only data that has been privacy protected will be used for analysis or publication. Once the study is complete, sensor devices returned, and prizes awarded, all personally identifiable information will be destroyed.


IMPORTANT: DRIVING SAFELY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  The only way to tell if a light is green is to look at it, and the only way to tell if it is safe to enter an intersection is to check.  It may not be safe to drive at the speed suggested by a green arc. The information we provide you may be completely wrong. Distracted driving is dangerous, and you assume all risk involved in operating your vehicle or using EnLighten Study. Your failure to pay full attention could cause someone to get hurt or die. You understand and agree that EnLighten Study transmits information regarding your position and speed to us for use in a variety of ways, although we will not redistribute this information without taking steps to ensure that no personally identifiable data regarding you or your driving is made available to others. NEITHER CONNECTED SIGNALS, INC. NOR ANY INDIVIDUAL OR ORGANIZATION CONNECTED WITH THE STUDY SHALL BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, INDIRECT, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF ENLIGHTEN STUDY.