Partnering with Municipalities

September 23, 2016 — Connected Signals’ business model is based on establishing true partnerships with municipalities and their transportation agencies. The traffic signal data we depend on belongs to those agencies, and they have the right to control how it is used. At the same time, agencies have a vested interest in getting the data out to their citizens. This will let those citizens realize the safety, environmental and driver experience improvements that data can enable.

In accordance with this philosophy, we collaborate with our agency partners to ensure that safety is never compromised, that agency systems remain immune from attack, and that demands on both systems and staff are as negligible as possible. We also work to provide information on system outages and equipment failures where we can detect them, at times before the agencies notice them internally.

Finally, we ensure that agencies’ data remains ‘democratic’, in the sense that we will bounce their raw signal stream without charge or delays to whomever they designate. We also provide free and innovative apps such as EnLighten that let citizens benefit from the data stream without charge and without having to acquire specific brands of vehicles.

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