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August 22, 2018 — Are you a Software Engineer looking for an exciting opportunity to contribute to a team in a space positioned for growth? Connected Signals is hiring! We are the leading connected vehicle data analytics company in providing predictive, real-time, traffic signal information. Using sophisticated proprietary models, we support applications that improve safety, increase fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and improve traffic flow. In addition, our patent-pending visual traffic signal detection system is capable of finding traffic signals and determining their state in live 4K, 30fps, video. The ability to provide both predictive, data-based, information and real-time visual signal detection uniquely positions Connected Signals to solve the traffic-signal problem in the connected and autonomous vehicle space.

We are looking for a Software Engineer to help design and develop these high-quality software systems in our Eugene office. As you would expect in a small, team-oriented company, you’ll have a wide variety of responsibilities, including:

  • Working flexibly with multiple small in-house and remote engineering teams,
  • Designing, developing, debugging, maintaining, and deploying new and existing software products, including user interfaces, network protocols, and data structures,
  • Providing technical and development support, including interacting with customers such as Traffic Management System providers, automakers, and municipal traffic departments.

You should have BS or better in Computer Science, Math or a related field, and strong knowledge and experience in algorithms and programming in C++ and the STL. Experience in Objective C, Java, or developing smartphone applications for Android or iOS is helpful, but not required. Experience with modeling large data sets, developing statistical predictive models, or machine learning is also a plus. Two or more years experience is also desired, but exceptional candidates with less will be considered. You should be self-motivated and enjoy learning and working as a team. Limited amounts of travel and an occasionally–if infrequently–disruptive work schedule should be expected.

The work environment is friendly, informal, and intellectually stimulating. Benefits include medical, 401K, ample vacation time, sick leave, bi-weekly massages, and more.

If interested, please send your resumé (with subject line “Software Engineer”) to Please include your GPA, as it’s one of the factors we use when evaluating applicants!



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