Matt Ginsberg, DPhilCEO

    Short Bio

    Matthew L. Ginsberg received his doctorate in mathematics from Oxford
    in 1980 at the age of 24.  He remained on the faculty in Oxford until
    1983, doing research in mathematical physics and computer science;
    during this period, he wrote a program that was used successfully to
    trade stock and stock options on Wall Street.

    Ginsberg’s continuing interest in artificial intelligence brought him
    to Stanford in late 1983, where he remained for nine years.  He then
    went on to found CIRL, the computational intelligence research
    laboratory at the University of Oregon, which he directed until 1996.
    He remained at CIRL until 1998, when CIRL spun off On Time Systems, a
    commercial entity focusing on scheduling and routing technology.
    Ginsberg was the CEO of the company from its formation until early
    2014 and is currently its chairman.

    Ginsberg is also the chairman and CEO of Connected Signals, Inc., a
    company focusing the on use of real-time traffic and signal
    information to improve driver safety, fuel efficiency, and the driving
    experience generally.

    Ginsberg is the author of approximately 100 academic publications in
    the area of artificial intelligence.