V2If Signal Feed Appliance

Free Hardware Support for Signal Provision

The V2I<em>f</em> Appliance
The V2If Appliance

Connected Signals offers a free hardware solution to municipalities wishing to provide their data to us. V2If is a small device, about the size of a pack of cards, that lets you securely and easily distribute real-time traffic signal data to selected third parties of your choosing. V2If uses two Ethernet ports to preserve the security of your network. One port plugs into the switch that connects you to your traffic lights. The other connects to the outside world. You retain control of your data.

We believe that V2If is the safest and most cost-effective way for you to be at the forefront of the smart city movement. By connecting cars and drivers to your traffic light system, you can help reduce accidents and enhance mobility solutions such as autonomous driving, pedestrian aids for the visually impaired, and so on. You can also help drivers reduce their carbon footprint and the quantity of pollutants emitted by their vehicles.

V2If stands for “Vehicle to Infrastructure for Free.” Connected Signals offers the following services free of charge:

  • The V2If appliance itself
  • Maintenance and support as needed
  • No-cost rebroadcasting of your signal data to any third parties you wish to receive it

We know from deployments in major cities that sub-second communication latency can be achieved with the V2If appliance.

V2If Network Connection

In addition to cost benefits, especially as compared to the ~$20K/intersection cost of Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC), V2If offers a key advantage in terms of network security. You can configure your traffic signal switch so that information flows only outbound from the switch to the V2If appliance. You can then connect the V2If appliance directly to the Internet, bypassing your Traffic Management Center (TMC) or any other secure systems. This means that the outward transmission of your data will take place without any data packets of any kind entering your traffic network and without any new software being installed on your systems. There is no network security risk involved in using the Connected Signals V2If appliance.

V2If currently supports most TMC vendors.

V2I<em>f</em> Network Connection
V2If Network Connection

V2If Versus DSRC

V2If Setup

The video below explains how to set up the V2If appliance in your agency’s Traffic Management Center.


V2If appliance sounds pretty fancy. What is it really?

The V2If is a small computer called a Raspberry Pi that runs the Linux operating system.

Are you competing with DSRC?

Not really. Two thirds of the signalized intersections in the US are not connected to TMCs, and DSRC will remain the mechanism of choice for those intersections. For intersections that are already connected, it simply seems more efficient to use existing infrastructure to meet V2I goals. Because the two approaches can coexist, agencies can devote resources cost effectively.

Is it really free?


Why is Connected Signals doing this?

Connected Signals‘ mission is to aggregate real-time signal information from our municipal partners, and the first step in that process is to acquire the information itself. The V2If device sends that information to us. While you retain control of your data, and we’ll rebroadcast that data to anyone you want (including our competitors), it’s worth it to us to get the data itself.

Will V2If impact my existing TMC software?

No. It is a standalone and separate computer that simply plugs into your switch. It does not interact with your TMC software in any way.

Will V2If impact my network’s security?

No. The V2If device will use your existing data traffic to figure out what the lights are doing, and send that information to us; it will not insert any new packets into your network. The device communicates with us using a send-only channel that does not even need to be inside your firewall.

What about maintenance and support?

We will provide those at no charge to you, for the same reason that the devices are free: your data is valuable to us.

Do I then have to send it back to you?


Is there a contract?

If you want. We have a standard contract that makes it clear that you can stop sending us data at any time, and that indemnifies you against any use that we make of your data.

What do you need from us logistically?

We need some static data. Locations of your traffic signals, for example. Phase diagrams, and an atlas. All of this data can be provided to us using standard GIS formats.

What do you need from us technically?

Nothing.  The V2If device works with all traffic management software of which we are aware. There is a fee if you are using a Siemens Tactics system, but all other TMSs are supported without cost to you.

How many V2If devices do I need for my city? We have a lot of signalized intersections.

You need just one V2If device, however many intersections you’ve got.

How do I get one?

You ask us and we hand it to you. If you ask us by email, we send it to you.

What if my city wants to stop providing data to you?

You can always unplug the device.