What could you do if you knew when the traffic lights would change?

Connected vehicles need Connected Signals®

Real-time traffic signal information and predictive signal models:
  • Increase safety at intersections
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Reduce stress of driving
  • Enhance convenience

We use existing infrastructure to communicate with traffic controllers and vehicles—no expensive municipal or in-vehicle equipment.

With ten thousand lights in over a hundred cities and towns, with many more cities in process, Connected Signals is the leading source of traffic signal data, providing added value to manufacturers, drivers and local traffic regulation agencies.

Our EnLighten iPhone and Android apps already tell drivers how long they will be stopped at lights, and whether they'll make upcoming lights. Exciting new applications are coming.

If you are in one of our covered regions you can download EnLighten for your phone and See the light.™


We have a lot going on, with new cities, new partners, new features, and new applications. Keep up with all our news.

We also have new positions open.

BMW announces EnLighten® integration

On July 27th, BMW announced that owners of recent-model BMWs equipped with BMW Apps can now experience enhanced EnLighten features in their center console. The service is available in Portland, Eugene, and Salt Lake City. Other cities are coming.

testmiles.com's describes the experience at the right.

To experience EnLighten on your BMW, get EnLighten for your iPhone and connect it to your car.