Traffic Light Data & Predictions

Delivering a critical missing component for intelligent vehicles

Now introducing our Signal Priority System suite of products

Providing Value Across the Transportation Community

Auto Manufacturers

Make cars smarter, safer, and more fuel efficient while reducing carbon emissions to meet CAFE standards


Reduce accidents at intersections, improve traffic flow, reduce emissions, and derive public benefit from your traffic data

Navigation Companies

Enhance applications by integrating GPS mapping, traffic flow data, and signal status and predictions

Making Autonomous Vehicles Safer

  • “Signal awareness is critical for autonomous vehicle safety and the information needs to be as accurate as possible.”

    David W. Etherington, Ph.D. Co-Founder, Connected Signals
  • "Connecting cars to traffic lights is nothing but positive: we save gas, we make people safer, and we take the stress out of driving."

    Matthew Ginsberg, D.Phil. Co-Founder, Connected Signals
  • "When we tell drivers they're going to make the next light, we see them speed less."

    Matthew Ginsberg, D.Phil. Co-Founder, Connected Signals
  • "Connected car technology has the potential to produce tangible benefits when it comes to traffic, safety and sustainability."

    Sam Liccardo Mayor, City of San Jose