Offering a comprehensive traffic signal data ecosystem, providing traffic light status and intelligence in real-time.

A Complete Traffic Signal Data Infrastructure Solution

Signal Priority System

Signal Prediction Engine

Signal Priority System

An advanced signal priority system with no new infrastructure.

  • Transit signal priority
  • Automatic pedestrian signaling
  • Bicycle detection and prioritization
  • Dramatically reduced deployment time and cost

Transit Signal Priority

Connected Signals is a pioneer in developing and introducing cloud-based, zero-infrastructure, TSP to cities.

TSP can be deployed in a matter of weeks without modification of existing hardware. Enhancements by the software update, including new functionality such as EMS preemption and bicycle detection and prioritization.

Automatic Pedestrian Calls

Pedestrian signaling technology lets pedestrians’ smart phones automatically generate walk requests.

Detects upcoming crossing(s) using planned routes or path prediction, and provides a virtual walk-button push. Eases travel for visually impaired or limited mobility users.


A proprietary traffic prediction engine that uses advanced machine learning and statistical techniques and makes existing infrastructure smarter.

Signal Prediction Engine

Connected Signals’ proprietary prediction engine uses advanced machine learning, statistical techniques, and traffic-engineering knowledge to integrate multifaceted information, including current light state, light timing plans, time of day, vehicle and pedestrian calls, and historical behavior to determine when a light will change and calculate its confidence in that prediction.

These predictions then inform various applications ranging from red-light countdowns to vehicle powertrain management and speed-to-green recommendations.


GlobaLight is a patented breakthrough method that can deliver real-time, predictive, traffic light data from historical probes.

Offers rapid coverage growth to virtually  all lights, worldwide.

Innovative Tools For Smarter Mobility


Vehicle To Infrastructure Connectivity
Secure Network Connectivity


In cities that provide their signal data streams, Connected Signals’ EnLighten® application provides access to the traffic light status and predictions needed to drive safely and efficiently.

EnLighten is engineered to be non-distracting and compatible with partner software and OEM hardware. Vehicle OEMs can incorporate EnLighten’s data into their designs, determining when and how information is provided to drivers or built-in ADAS or autonomous driving systems, resulting in safer, cleaner, more fuel-efficient travel.

V2I Without New Infrastructure

As a pioneer in providing real-time, predictive, traffic-signal information without requiring new infrastructure investments, Connected Signals has worked for years with numerous municipalities and other agencies to connect existing traffic signal infrastructure to vehicles and make reliable traffic signal information available to drivers.

All at a fraction of the cost and time required to make costly upgrades, and without the disruption.

Safer Network Connectivity

Connected Signals works with agencies to maintain the security of their traffic systems and data at all costs.

We offer agencies a free, patented, data relay solution. The V2If is a small device, about the size of a pack of cards, that lets agencies securely and easily distribute real-time traffic signal data to selected third parties of their choosing. Agencies retain full control of their data and its distribution.

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