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February 01, 2022: Zero Infrastructure Mobility Solutions is pleased to announce its acquisition of Connected Signals, Inc.’s intellectual property assets.

Connected Signals is a technology company that provides real-time, predictive traffic light information to cars. Ravindra Kondagunta is the founder of Zero Infrastructure Mobility Solutions. As an early investor and evangelist of Connected Signals’ value hypothesis, Ravindra is looking forward to bringing expertise in the automotive industry, finding real-world applications, and bringing advanced technologies to market.

The acquisition will let the company, which will do business as Connected Signals, influence the technology’s development and accelerate its commercialization in the transportation industry and the rapidly evolving world of Mobility. We look forward to improving the quality of travel on surface streets – one city at a time.

David Etherington



Ravindra Kondagunta



Luke Fabioun

Vice President, Sales


Dr. Bhaskar Krishnamachari

Chief Technology Advisor


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