About Connected Signals

Connected Signals is a connected-vehicle data company that provides real-time, predictive traffic light information to cars. This enables drivers and car systems to know the real-time status of traffic lights and predict changes, improving:

  • Driver safety and stress
  • Fuel efficiency and carbon emissions
  • Traffic flow in urban areas
  • Time to destination and estimates thereof
  • Safety of autonomous vehicles
  • Municipal traffic signal analytics

Our Team & Advisors

With advanced degrees in Applied Math, AI, Math, & Physics — our team brings deep expertise in software, algorithms, machine learning, optimization, traffic management systems & geographic information systems.

Employment Opportunities

Connected Signals is growing and we are always looking for extraordinarily talented people to join our team! If you are such a person, we encourage you to click below to see our current opportunities and check back periodically for new openings.

Contacting Us

Basic Info

  • Connected Signals, Inc.
  • 355 Goodpasture Island Rd., Suite 200 Eugene, OR 97401
  • 541.654.5829
  • 541.654.5839

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